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Continental, LG and Econ-O washers are geared to serve salons and spas by properly cleaning a variety of items — towels, sheets, rags, capes, and more — quickly and ef ciently.



Continental washers deliver unmatched cleaning power thanks to advanced programmability. This ensures color stains, chemicals and oils are removed and customers can enjoy cleaner, fresher towels and linens! Continental’s chemical injection system automatically injects detergents, bleach and softeners into each load, at precisely the right time, water temperature and water level for optimum e ciency and results. Econ-O and LG washer programs are less sophisticated, but still o er programmability for savings in water and energy usage. Operators simply enter a program and press start!



Continental and LG soft-mount washers produce extract speeds up to 414 G-force! Why are higher extract speeds better?
As extract speed increases, so does the amount of moisture removed from every load. By eliminating more water, dry time is reduced, which improves laundry productivity, cuts energy usage and extends linen life. Slash dry time by up to 65 percent and dramatically boost productivity. No more laundry pile-ups.



Continental (E-Series models), LG and Econ-O-Wash washers are available in freestanding models. They slide into place without reinforced concrete foundations and bolts, so they are simple and less costly to install and relocate. Available in compact designs, Continental and LG small-load washers t into the same space as most top-load washers, yet o er more than 40 percent greater capacity. Additionally, small-load Continental, LG and Econ-O washers and dryers are available in stacked con gurations for optimum use of oor space.



Continental, LG and Econ-O-Wash washers are engineered for the rigors of constant commercial use! Continental washers feature AISI stainless steel inner and outer drums, a heavy-duty pump that allows pet hair to pass through the drain, oversized bearings, a quality sealing system and heavy-duty door hinges. Similarly, light-commercial LG and Econ-O-Wash washers o er durable construction and robust doors. All brands are backed by industry-leading manufacturer warranties. Warning: Don’t purchase a home-style machine from a big-box store or appliance outlet! Once utilized in a salon/spa application, its warranty is null and void.



Advanced technology on Continental and LG washers allow for superior wash quality using considerably less water than many competitive washers. Both small-load washer brands use just over 13 gallons of water per load and are Energy Star quali ed. Continental Washers o er a sump-less design, exclusive AquaFall system and a programmable control for slashed water usage. Less water used equates to less water heated and additional savings in utilities. Meanwhile, top-load Econ-O-Wash Washers use 27.3 gallons of water per load.

*State and local taxes to be paid by the customer where applicable.

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