High-Performance Ironing Systems

Continental Girbau and Girbau Industrial Ironing Systems are smartly designed for flexibility and are available in heated-chest and heated-roll models (gas, electric, steam). Not only do they provide a consistent, high-quality nish with every pass, they perfectly iron linens straight from the washer!


Multiple model o rings and nishing widths mean there is an ironer designed for the production and nishing needs of any size hotel. Our ironers are engineered to meet specific volume and production needs, while delivering high-quality results. Models properly nish from 16 to 161 feet-of-linen-per-minute. Our atwork ironers deliver unrivaled exibility and the highest quality nishing results.


Every ironer utilizes the patented AutoSpeed® System. This programmable control option automatically modi es cylinder speed based on variations in the cylinder temperature. AutoSpeed® eliminates high- and low-temperature uctuations — assuring constant ironing temperatures and the highest quality nishing results in just one pass. Additionally, AutoSpeed® helps eliminate human error — incorrect temperature and speed settings — that can result in damage to linens.


Several ironer models bring no-wax nishing technology to laundries. Thanks to machined-steel cylinders, which are mirror polished and chrome plated, central laundries avoid the messy, high-maintenance application and stripping of roll wax. Not only is the no-wax design less hassle, it also reduces the labor and material costs associated with wax maintenance.


Continental’s return-to-feed ironers are specially engineered to deliver superior nishing productivity within a smaller area. Making the most of available space, these return-to-feed ironers can be installed 12 to 18 inches from a wall. Meanwhile, the space-saving Compact 5-in-One Ironing System delivers processing speeds of up to 82-feet-per-minute and works seamlessly with an optional feeder, stacker and small-piece accumulator to quickly accomplish feeding, ironing, folding, stacking and accumulating.


Every ironer is equipped with the ultimate in flexibility thanks to highly programmable controls o ering complete control over every variable of the ironing process. Perfectly nish a variety of items, including table linens, sheets, duvets and napkins! The control features visual displays so users can quickly determine maintenance needs, cylinder speed, mode of operation and bed/ roll temperature. A simple touch of a button begins the ironing process.


All ironing systems are highly e cient! Ironing speed is e ciently and accurately controlled using less energy thanks to a unique speed inverter, encoder and versatile microprocessor. Our gas-heated models boast up to 93 percent e ciency!