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Engineered for fast, safe and efficient drying, continental, lg, and econ-o- dryers are available in 20- to 85-pound capacity single-pocket models and 20- 30- and 45-pound capacity dual-pocket stacks. The dryers, featuring quality internal components and easy-to-use controls, are engineered to dramatically boost laundry productivity and energy efficiency.

Continental, LG, and Econ-O Dryers bring a range of programmability and control flexibility to salons and spas. Continental Dryers o er the most programmability with a microprocessor o ering multiple programmable cycle types — time-dry, auto-dry or optional moisture sensing drying. Continental’s Linen Life Extension (LLE) shuts the dryer o when a load has reached its preset target level of dryness, helping to prevent over drying and fabric damage. LG Commercial Dryers o er four cycle options — Whites & Color, Permanent Press, Delicates or No Heat. LG’s intuitive programming allows salon and spa laundries to manage a variety of functions, including cycle time, drying temperatures, cool-down time and top-o s. Econ-O-Dry Dryers feature delicate, permanent press, no heat and normal cycles. A convenient timer allows the operator to manually select dry time according to load type and size.

Despite advanced technology, Continental, LG and Econ-O dryers couldn’t be easier to use. Once programmed, operators simply select a program number and press start. Oversized doors simplify loading and unloading.

Continental and LG drying tumblers are constructed for the rigors of constant use. Continental dryers feature dual motors with overload protection; steel front, side and top panels coated inside and out with electrostatically applied, baked-on paint for superior bonding and corrosion resistance; an all-belt drive system with cast iron pulleys; and permanently sealed bearings for quiet, low-maintenance operation. LG commercial dryers o er a streamlined, modern look, and a robust, stainless chrome door and stainless drum. They are backed by industry-leading commercial factory warranties.

Continental Pro-Series II single-pocket dryers feature an optional Integrated Sprinkler System (ISS), a sensing and extinguishing device that squelches dryer res before they get out of control. Available on gas and steam units, ISS ensures salons and spas are better protected from dryer res caused by massage and therapeutic oils in towels and sheets.


Pro-Series II Stack60 and SuperStack90 Drying Tumblers pack more capacity and productivity into a smaller footprint. Both models t easily through a standard door opening, yet deliver 20 percent greater capacity, respectively, when compared to most 50-and 75-pound capacity single-pocket dryers! Continental, LG and Econ-O dryer models are available in 20-pound capacity stack units, as well.


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