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ClubWipes | Wholesale Wipes
CLUBwipes are a great option for those clubs that currently use paper towel and spray. This economical sanitizing wipe's price is hard to beat in the wipe category, and even when it's price is compared to the fully weighted cost of the alternative; the paper towel, the spray, the bottles and the manpower required to dilute the liquid and fill the bottles. Coupled with the benefits of this all-purpose, safe on all surfaces wipe. CLUBwipes is an obvious choice for many clubs.

What can you use these gym wipes for ?

Wiping down gym equipment and surfaces
Cleaning the equipment of sweat and dirt
Replacing the old school, inefficient paper towel and spray method
What are some of the benefits of Petra-1 Clubwipes ?

Lower cost per unit of the alternative spray and towel option
Safe to use on all hard surfaces including skin
Keeps waste to a minimum
How many gym wipes come in a case of CLUBwipes ?

There are 1,200 CLUBwipes per roll
There are 4 rolls, (4800 cleaning wipes) per case
An all-purpose wholesale wipe priced to replace a paper towel and a spray combo.
Safe to use on all hard surfaces as well as skin
An economy wipe


1,200 Wipes per roll/ 4 rolls per case


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